About Game Of Bricks: The Best LEGO Lights

LEGO allows people to turn their wildest dream come true and with a bucket of LEGO lights, you can even turn that dream into a story to showcase to others. Game of Bricks LED is designed to lighten your LEGO and turn your favorite LEGO set into a stunning piece of art. 

About Game of Bricks


What is Game Of Bricks?

If you are a true LEGO fan, you would know the struggle of finding ways to enhance your LEGO building collection whether through some accessories, extra pieces, or a complex complement background. All of those never seem to successfully satisfy your growing needs. 

Acknowledging that problem, Nikita and Mark, two LEGO lovers, decided to join together to create Game of Bricks, a company that specializes in providing high-quality LEGO LED lights to broaden people’s options in decorating their LEGO. 

To ensure customers get the best of the best decoration, Game of Bricks tests every component of its light kit carefully. The company even goes one step further by providing easy-to-follow instructions for individual kits so that all LEGO fans can have the ability to light up their creation. 

From a simple dream of helping LEGO enthusiasts, Game of Bricks has grown and developed a wide range of lighting kits with more complex components, functions, and effects. They even have custom kits for people who want to get creative with their build. 

Game Of Bricks Products

About Game of Bricks 2

Game of Bricks has an extensive range of LEGO lighting kits to enhance the look of LEGO sets including franchise Lights, vehicle lights, building lights, custom lights, and LED nameplates.

Game of Bricks knows that people don’t want their LEGO to be filled with wires and visible LED. Because this defeats the whole purpose of decorating the LEGO in the first place. That’s why they designed their LED lights and cables to be small enough that they will match perfectly with the LEGO sets, enhancing its visual without damaging the set’s authenticity.

Customers can easily link many lighting kits through a single power source using Game of Bricks’ wiring system. This feature is fantastic for anyone looking to illuminate an extensive collection. 

The light quality is a pivotal element to create a stunning effect for a LEGO build. Before any shipment, all Game of Bricks pieces must go through a quality test in their warehouse to qualify for packaging. Because they think that putting their light kits together must be a pleasant experience, similar to assembling a new LEGO set. 

First impression matters a lot, and that’s why Game of Bricks pays a lot of attention to its packaging. The kits are packed inside a sturdy plastic box inside of an impressive black cardboard box, which is great for later storage of the kit. The components are carefully packed in individual anti-static and transparent plastic bags. These create an overall high-quality and powerful package for delivery and showcase purposes.

These packages also contain instructions dedicated to their specific sets which help immensely cut down on the time needed to find the instruction online.

Game Of Bricks Instruction

To give you a trouble-free installation of their products, Game of Brick has carefully created different instructions for each of their light kits. You can find the guide to your kit on this page: https://instructions.gameofbricks.eu 

FAQs about Game of Bricks

What makes Game of Bricks light kits unique?

Game of Bricks only offers well-crafted pieces, designed to fits its intended LEGO bricks to create a seamless look for your LEGO sets. They also provide detailed set-specific instructions, meaning assembling their light kits should feel like assembling a normal LEGO set.

What if I want to create my own custom light?

For customers who want to create lighting systems for their customer LEGO build, Game of Bricks also gave custom light kits. Visit their Lighting Accessories Page for more information.

How much does shipping cost?

Great news, Game of Bricks offers free shipping for worldwide ordering, so you won’t have to worry about delivery fees.

How do I return a product?

Upon receiving your order, if you find anything wrong or missing, please contact them within 30 days. Remember to provide your order number and reason for return for a better return process. You will receive further instructions when your return request has been approved.

Can I get a discount on a bulk order?

Game of Bricks encourages customers who order in bulk with its exclusive Game of Bricks discount code. For information about this special offer, please reach out to their customer support.